August 31, 2020

The rules definition of a snooker is when all balls-on are fully or partially obstructed by a ball or balls not on. If a ball-on cannot be struck at both extreme edges in a direct straight line the Cue-Ball is said to be snookered.

This seems to be very different from the perception of quite a lot of snooker players who believe that to be snookered means that not even one finest edge of a ball-on should be accessible before the term is employed. The terms ‘fully snookered’ and ‘partially snookere...

August 19, 2020

Anthony McGill and Jamie Clarke decided that some needle needed to be introduced to their 2020 2nd round World Championship match at the Crucible. The questions raised are firstly, why, secondly, who was at fault and a thirdly, who was in the wrong. Now the second two questions might seem the same but can be differentiated by considering which player made the first, either deliberate or inadvertent wrong move and which player was then at fault for continuing, or acting in a way which would conti...

July 31, 2020

Due to the cancellation of the World Professional Snooker Championships for 2020, at least for its usual date in April, the BBC chose to fill some of the resulting vacant time slots with re-runs of notable action from previous years. One of the offerings to be shown was probably the most famous of all frames, along with Cliff Thorburn’s first ever Crucible maximum perhaps, this was the final frame of the 1985 event between Steve Davis and eventual winner, Dennis Taylor.

A couple of things stand o...

July 7, 2020

This book was born in 2019 as an aid to the teaching of students taking the Class 3 Snooker accreditation course and came about because it was decided during the classes held in 2018 to include two homework assignments in that course.

The difficulties in producing those assignments in relation to the paper and printing necessary for their eventual format was thought to be easier if incorporated in a booklet form.

In the formulation of that document it was also decided to include various other diss...

June 14, 2020

In a match between Ali Carter and John Higgins with the scores standing at 18 to 47 in favour of Carter and with three reds still to be potted, an attempt was made by Carter to strike the Yellow ball after potting the fourth last red. With the Yellow near the centre of the Baulk cushion and the cue ball near the centre of the top cushion and with no intervening balls that could cause an obstruction or any difficulty to the stroke and with both balls slightly away from the cushions, Carter failed...

June 9, 2020

This question can be answered rhetorically in a number of ways without going into the pragmatic answer of where they should be at the start of any frame of Snooker or game of Billiards.

There is firstly the question of where they should be between matches when a table is being prepared for the next one. The answer to this is simply ‘in their box’. To leave the balls in the pockets or place them there whilst the table is being brushed is not an acceptable practice. Any dust raised and brushed into...

May 31, 2020

An incident happened in a recently televised match that I would not have expected of a professional referee and which highlights something I have referenced previously. This is that the referee should be aware at all times of which of the colours are still on their spots at any time during a frame of Snooker. This becomes important whenever a call of ‘Miss’ is required so as to make the task of replacing balls that have been moved in the foul stroke so much easier and more importantly accurate,...

April 21, 2020

At a time when we should all be watching the World Championships from Sheffield we are instead forced to watch highlights from previous years as the Corona virus lockdown destroys yet another sporting occasion for 2020. The first of those broadcasts have centred on maximum breaks and the players who have made them and while it is entertaining to see again the 147s there have also been some other very notable high breaks and high break achievements over the Crucible years which started in 1977 an...

April 13, 2020

The significance of the numbers 35, 43, 51, 59 and 67 is clear in the minds of most experienced players, officials and fans of Snooker. They represent the maximum amount of points still available to a player with sequentially 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Red balls still to be potted and it is especially important for an officiating referee to know this when any call of a ‘Miss’ may be in mind.

Section 3. Rule 14. states that unless considered deliberate, a call of a ‘Miss’ cannot be made by the referee if p...

April 3, 2020

In a frame of Snooker, a player is leading by more than 31 points but less than 35 points and comes to the table with the last remaining red ball in a position very close to a pocket and with clear straight-line access to be able to pot it. In the course of feathering prior to playing the stroke this player inadvertently touches the cue ball with the cue which is clearly seen by the referee. The referee calls the foul but the player proceeds with the stroke, whether by involuntary reaction or wi...

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