November 23, 2017

Section 2 Rules 5 (Striker & Turn) & 6 (Stroke)

If these two rules are compared to each other it can be seen that there is a distinct difference between the two as to when each is complete.

Rule 5 states that the strikers’ turn and right to play another stroke ends, if either: -

1. There is a failure to score from any stroke, or

2. A foul is committed, or

3. An opponent is asked to play again after a foul.

Section 3 Rule 3 (j) also states that the striker, upon failing to pot a ball, must leave th...

November 12, 2017

David Chigwidden joins son Kane in becoming an accredited Billiards referee, along with Jon Moss who adds the Billiards accreditation to his Class 3 Snooker certificate.

The examination held again at the Bentleigh Club was overseen by Paul Cosgriff and myself.

Jon Loughron was also in attendance to add to his Billiards education and will sit the exam in the near future.

Besides successfully taking the exam, lots of lively discussion of the rules and their interpretations was had by the two examiner...

November 7, 2017

The rules of Snooker, Billiards, 6 Red Snooker and OneforSeven Snooker are now to be found on this site under 'About Refereeing'.

They are all up to date and will be further updated as and when, or if, any new instructions are received from the WPBSA. The Snooker rules are current as of the November 2014 amendments, the Billiards were also given a seal of approval on that date. The OneforSeven rules were formulated in 2010 and have not changed since then and the Six Red rules were introduced in D...

November 4, 2017

One of the features and a highlight of the inaugural Victorian Reventon Finals were the two OneforSeven tournaments held, one for 8 invited ladies and the other for the 8 Reventon Ranking finalists who did not make the grand-final of that event.

It was entirely evident from the first breaks of the balls in the first frames to the potting of the blacks in the final ones that the players, referees and spectators were all enjoying the experience equally and completely.

Both winners, Johl Younger and...

November 2, 2017

This really is a very simple question and can be answered in words of one syllable as: -

‘The one in charge of the match, or frame.’

The deeper and more detailed meaning of ‘referee’ does not only encompass people with an accreditation certificate proving that the prescribed seminars and examinations have been undertaken and passed. It also means anyone who takes charge of any frame of snooker, whether a tournament frame, a competition frame, a OneforSeven frame or even a social frame. The rule bo...

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