December 30, 2017

Section 5 Rule 1. Referee.

All the rules are valid regardless in which section of the rule book they are found and this blog is in reference to the last section of the rule book which deals with the officials.

Rule 1 deals specifically with the referee.

The rule is also split into three sections.

  1. What the referee shall do.

  2. What the referee shall not do and: -

  3. What the referee may do if an incident is not noticed.

I would like to address the second section, what the referee shall not...

December 15, 2017

 This graph shows all the frames and Billiards matches for all participating referees as well as any duties performed roving referee .

 Each tournament refereed, regardless of how many frames or matches were officiated, is indicated by a tick.

Here all the Victorian events and the major interstate events along with the dates and venues are shown, with the winner of the event and the grand final referee (if known)

 This one is just the main Victorian events plus the Fred Osbourne with the semi-final...

December 13, 2017

Section 2 Rule 12

(a) A nominated ball is the object ball which the striker declares, or indicates to the satisfaction of the referee, as the one to be struck with the first impact of the cue-ball.

(b) If requested by the referee, the striker must declare which ball this is.

This rule deals with nominating a ball, which always means a coloured ball after potting a red, or a ball of the strikers’ choice after being awarded a free ball. It is never necessary to nominate a red. It is also unnecessary...

December 3, 2017

The primary functions of a Referee are to adjudicate during play, ensuring that the rules are followed precisely and to ensure that any situations that may arise are dealt with in a manner that is fair to both players. As long as these primary functions are performed then a secondary function is to assist the players, thus ensuring that matches are concluded without too many delays. To these ends a few items of equipment are necessary and a few more are desirable. A list of the things I have in...

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