May 19, 2018


The rule states that ‘the striker shall endeavour to hit the ball on to the best of their ability’. It also states that if the referee considers the rule infringed that a call of ‘foul and a miss’ shall be made.

The rest of this lengthy and complicated rule is a treatise on what the striker, non-striker and referee may or may not do after the miss has been called, including what is, or what is not allowed concerning the calling of a miss if balls on are able to be struck in a str...

May 10, 2018

The duties associated with refereeing, both for Snooker and Billiards, always includes recording the correct and legible information of the match on a scoresheet. Even if a match is officiated in tandem by a referee and a marker it is vital that the marker fills in the scoresheet correctly and that it is checked by the referee.

There are a few different formats to tournaments and all will require some differences in the scoresheet used. There are some that include a round robin stage, others that...

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