July 23, 2018

In any tournament the Tournament Director will make all the general announcements but it is the duty of the match referee to make the announcements that pertain to the one being officiated. The referee in charge of any match is obligated to keep both the players and any spectators informed of the progress of the match as well as calling any scores or fouls and the penalties incurred, during the course of it.

There is a certain vocabulary associated with these necessary announcements and any serio...

July 14, 2018

A number of things that are not in the rule book but are nevertheless very important to the art of refereeing can be grouped together under the heading of ‘other things to know’.

The first and probably the most important, is where to stand.

The golden rule is to follow the cue ball. The optimum position for a referee to enable adjudication of any stroke, is behind and slightly to the blind side of the striker. This will allow the referee to see when the tip of the cue contacts the cue ball, whethe...

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