May 27, 2019

The points raised in the blog ‘Conceding’ were again in evidence at the first of the three Hat Trick events.

There were three incidents where the rule needed enforcing, two involving very highly experienced and successful players. In the first incident a player had occasion to use a new cue due to unfixable problems with his old one. This new cue proved to be less than satisfactory to him after finding a kink in the shaft and continually trying to use the cue with the kink in the same position an...

May 7, 2019

A set of micro scales is not an essential item of equipment but it can be useful if there is ever any dispute about the relative weights of the balls within a set, especially the cue ball.

On this set of scales, the 1/0 symbol is the on/off switch, the M symbol will switch between metric and imperial measure with the lower case ‘g’ in the top left corner of the screen indicating grams and changing to a lower case ‘oz’ to indicate ounces with a press of the symbol. The T is the Tare symbol and C w...

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