July 27, 2019

Sec. 3 Rule 12. After a foul, if the cue-ball is snookered, the referee shall state FREE BALL.

Sec. 2 Rule 17. The cue-ball is said to be snookered when a direct stroke in a straight line to every ball on is wholly or partially obstructed by a ball or balls not on. If one or more balls on can be struck at both extreme edges free of obstruction by any ball not on, the cue-ball is not snookered.

In judging whether the extreme edges of a ball may be struck by the cue ball it is important to consider...

July 16, 2019

During the 2019 Australian U/21 championships held at the Brunswick Club I had occasion to referee a frame where, by the process of the colours being potted and their spots being occupied at the time, the green ball had ended up on the Centre Spot. The Pink was on The Spot and a number of red balls were clustered around the Pyramid Spot. The Black, Blue, Yellow and Brown balls were on or near the baulk spots so that those were also unavailable.

The very talented Tasmanian junior, Alex Pace was at...

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