August 22, 2019

The sporting world is awash with nefarious participants and activities, Cricket has been the victim of the most recent major scandal of Sandpaper gate, with sledging also an ugly but long accepted part of the game. But Australia is not alone, with India previously tarnished, as well as, most famously South Africa, with Hansie Cronje and the dark path he walked in match fixing that some say saw his eventual death in a plane crash. Nor is the ignominy confined to just Cricket, many other sports su...

August 1, 2019

It is my suspicion, although one can never be sure, that this rule was first introduced to stop players sitting on cushion rails or resting torsos on the table to ease the difficulty of reaching the cue ball in those circumstances where it was not easily accessible or within normal reach. A great many players are not fully comfortable with rests and will do all they can to avoid using them. This often sees those players stretching across the table to their fullest extent still knowing, throughou...

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