October 9, 2019

1. What is the difference between a plant and a canon?

2. How is it possible to make a 155 break?

3. Who held the World Championship high break of 145 before 1983?

4. What is the record points total for a player in one frame of Snooker in a ranking event?

5. Can you name these players from their nicknames and give the reason for them where it is not obvious. The Captain. The Ginger Magician, The Hurricane, The Cat, Dracula, The Grinder and Mr.  Maximum?

6. What (approximately) is the weight of a Bill...

October 7, 2019

In addressing the refereeing needs of the Victorian tournaments and Pennant competitions it is often the case that finding sufficient referees for each event has proven to be a little less than easy. That is not to say that the eventual outcome has not been satisfactory for any of those events, barring Pennant season 1 of 2019 where so many of the qualified referees were playing members of teams that had reached the grand finals.

It is therefore with great pleasure and some anticipation that a we...

October 5, 2019

If a ball on may be struck at either or both of its extreme edges by the cue-ball travelling in a straight line, when penalty points are not required to win or tie the frame by either player, then it is almost always the obligation of any referee to call a miss. There could be some very rare exceptions to this depending on the skill of the player, or lack thereof, in combination with a stroke of extreme difficulty, but in general terms the first statement holds true.

The key words in the statemen...

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