January 18, 2020

During the course of the first frame of the final of the WSF Open held in Malta it transpired at one stage the Black was potted and that the Black Spot was occupied, it was then correctly spotted on the Pink Spot, being the highest available. Very soon after this the Pink suffered the same fate, then having to also be spotted on the highest available, namely the now vacant Black Spot. The eventual champion, Englishman Ashley Hugill then embarked on a frame winning break taking mainly the Pink af...

January 16, 2020

Yes, indeed! But the interpretation of Section 3. Rule 14 a. may not be the same for all if the different skill levels of the players is taken into consideration, as it should be.

In a frame I once refereed a very raw beginner who had some basic potting skills but little else, played the stroke shown here. I called a Foul naturally, but not a Miss. I was immediately reminded by his superior skilled opponent, that I must call a Miss because it was only a one cushion escape. I did agree that the es...

January 5, 2020

This blog is inspired by a YouTube item posted by an English coach who normally has my general respect but who makes a statement in that piece about spotting the Pink that is incorrect and misleading.

In Section 1 of the rule book there are precise instructions of how to set the balls on the table and on their designated spots, which are previously marked or fixed in position once the cloth has been correctly stretched and fitted. There is a mark or spot for each of the 6 so called coloured balls...

January 1, 2020

In keeping with previous years here are the general statistics for all the 2019 active referees in Victoria with data from 2015 until the completion of the 2019 season.

Please contact me if you have any information about missing data or if you believe there are any errors.

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