March 27, 2020

Some people wishing to become referees, many players and even some novice referees have experienced confusion when faced with certain phrases or terms used in Snooker.

One of the most common instances is the difference between a ball-on and an object ball. The explanation is however simple and easily understood.

The balls used for Snooker comprise of one cue ball and 21 object balls. The meanings of the terms are quite clear in that the cue ball is the only one that may be struck with the cue and...

March 4, 2020

Spin can be imparted to the object ball by the cue ball.

To impart any kind of spin to a ball, the point of contact between whatever is striking the ball must remain in contact with that ball for a minimum but measurable amount of time and force and with some form of grip. The longer the time of contact the more spin will be imparted and is much more important to the effect than the force used. (Even though the cue remains in contact with the cue-ball for a very short time, this type of stroke is...

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