June 14, 2020

In a match between Ali Carter and John Higgins with the scores standing at 18 to 47 in favour of Carter and with three reds still to be potted, an attempt was made by Carter to strike the Yellow ball after potting the fourth last red. With the Yellow near the centre of the Baulk cushion and the cue ball near the centre of the top cushion and with no intervening balls that could cause an obstruction or any difficulty to the stroke and with both balls slightly away from the cushions, Carter failed...

June 9, 2020

This question can be answered rhetorically in a number of ways without going into the pragmatic answer of where they should be at the start of any frame of Snooker or game of Billiards.

There is firstly the question of where they should be between matches when a table is being prepared for the next one. The answer to this is simply ‘in their box’. To leave the balls in the pockets or place them there whilst the table is being brushed is not an acceptable practice. Any dust raised and brushed into...

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