Welcome to the first step in becoming a member of the Australian referee’s association.


All members will hold the status of professional referee upon passing the accreditation process and will hold the classification of Class 3 Snooker or Billiards Referee.


The full list of classifications is, Marker, Junior Referee, Class 3 Billiards or Snooker, Class 3, Class 2 Billiards or Snooker, Class 2 and Class 1. As can be seen the certificate for Class 3 and 2 include an indication of whether the holder is qualified for Snooker or Billiards, those qualified for both just has the classification number shown. A further upgrade to Examiner is at the top of the list and is an appointment made by the ABSR without examination but on a needs basis only. These sessions will be for Class 3 Billiards or Snooker only.


All accredited referees are under the umbrella of the Australian Council not the individual states and are qualified to officiate in any part of the country. The IBSF (International Billiards & Snooker Federation) also recognises the ABSC and the opportunity to practice new found skills overseas will also be available to suitable candidates. Victorian referees have officiated in events in England, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, India, New Zealand and China in recent years.


The accreditation process takes place over four sessions for Snooker and two for Billiards, where there will be a full explanation of all the rules, a practical session on correct practises and things besides the rules that are essential to the art of refereeing and finally an oral examination.


Whilst the main aim is to have qualified referees available for tournament conditions it is also a social and enjoyable experience where the opportunity to witness, what is sometimes world class Snooker and Billiards where century breaks are not uncommon, is possible. You will also have the best position in the room, up close and personal with world champions. In Victoria the opportunity to officiate in matches involving Steve Mifsud IBSF world champion 2002, Matthew Bolton, previously Billiards World No. 1, Robby Foldvari, three times World Billiards champion and in the recent past Neil Robertson, World Snooker champion 2010 and overseas players such as World Billiards Champions Peter Gilchrist and Pankaj Advani, has been a feature of many tournaments.


There is a strong camaraderie between referees state-wide and interstate and we hope you will enjoy being part of that family.