List of Referees

The accredited referees listed below are from Victoria and Melbourne in particular. You may know one or more of them and if so I would encourage you to ask questions of them about their experiences. All are very approachable and will be happy to talk to you.


Larry Eforgan - Class 1 Examiner.
Victorian Director of Referees. Victorian Representative to the A.B.S.R.

John Ivett - Class 1 Examiner.
Held the post of Victorian Director of Referees and Representative to the A.B.S.R. for many years. Also one-time

Chairman of the A.B.S.R.

Paul Cosgriff - Class 1 Examiner.
Refereed on the main circuit in England for a period and is still active internationally. Was elected A.B.S.R. convener

last year (2016) and President of the V.B.S.A. this year (2017). Victorian Tournament Director.

Mike D’Silva - Class 1 Examiner
Also held the post of Victorian Director of Referees for a number of years. Is less active now due to ongoing health

issues but still plays in the Victorian Pennant and Willis competitions.

Kim Ivett - Class 1 Snooker, Class 2 Billiards
Very active and committed to both Billiards and Snooker and has refereed to very high standards on many

occasions internationally as well as all major Australian tournaments including grand finals. Achieved her deserved

upgrade to Class 1 in Snooker at the 2018 Australian U/21 Championships.

Jim Lewis - Class 2
Very experienced referee who has also officiated at many major tournaments including grand finals.

Previous board member of the V.B.S.A.

Praveen Chandra - Class 2
Very experienced both in Billiards and Snooker. Originally from Fiji where he is held in some esteem.

Another who has refereed at the highest standard both in Victoria, Australia and oversees.

Neil Allison - Class 2 Snooker.
Neil is another of Victoria’s high class referees with an extensive C.V. He has also been in charge of numerous

grand finals.

Neil Brown - Class 2 Billiards, Class 3 Snooker.
A highly regarded referee early in his career. Was inactive for many years until making a recent come back.

Has proven his undoubted ability many times since.

Denis Coghlan - Class 3.
Enthusiastic and committed referee with many years of experience, especially in Billiards.

George Hoy - Class 3.
V.B.S.A. board member, has held the post of treasurer for many years. Has also taken on the responsibility of

Tournament Director for many Victorian based events including the Australian Nationals.

Ian Dale - Class 3.
Although not an active referee Ian contributes to the sports of Billiards and Snooker in a major way and has been

Victorian Representative on the A.B.S.C. for many years as well as secretary of the V.B.S.A. for most of that time.

Mark Bini - Class 3 Snooker.
Ambitious and competent in his ability who also has grand finals on his C.V. A candidate for an upgrade to

Class 2.

Jon Loughron - Class 3 Snooker.
Vice President of the V.B.S.A. Jon is another very competent referee who will also be in line for upgrading shortly.

Abraham Newman - Class 2 Snooker.
First accredited in the ’90s but was inactive for many years due to heavy work commitments.

Now active once again and although limited by a young family is very experienced and competent.

Successful in passing the examination for Class 2 accreditation in September 2018

Brendon Lang - Class 3.
Another of Victoria’s young and ambitious referees. Is a highly skilled player as well as a very good referee.

Successfully negotiated the Billiards examination on 17/9/2017 and is now fully accredited as Class 3.

Michael Lang - Class 3 Snooker.
A busy lifestyle prevents Michael from rising to the heights he is capable of. A very good referee.

Eddy Etyngold - Class 3 Snooker.
Accredited as a referee at the same time as Michael and Brendon. Has big family commitments that do not

allow him to be active except during pennant finals. Eddy contributes significantly in other ways including

authorship and maintenance of this website. Is also an I.T. consultant to the V.B.S.A.


Jon Moss - Class 2 Snooker, Class 3 Billiards.
A short but stellar career so far has seen him plying his trade in the recent IBSF world under 18 and under 21

championships in China as well as most of the major Victorian tournaments. The only thing that will hold him

back is how committed he wants to be. 

Since this first profile Jon has now gone on to become an integral part of the Victorian refereeing scene, has become 

accredited for Billiards and has achieved his desired upgrade in Snooker to Class 2. 

Adam Beitner - Class 3 Snooker.

President of the Maccabi club, Adam is a fairly inexperienced professional referee but has had many years

experience refereeing in inter-club competitions and is extremely competent.

Colin Winter - Class 3 Snooker.
Has undoubted ability to be a major force in the future of Victorian refereeing.

Jason Colebrook - Class 3 Billiards.
Board member of World Billiards and the driving force behind the recent interest in Billiards in Australia.

His high ability also makes him a viable snooker referee if the need arises. V.B.S.A. board member.

Warwick Loton - Class 3 Billiards.
Warwick is a recent addition to the V.B.S.A. board and is accredited along with Ian Gilbee,

Mick Williams and Mike Wollin as Billiards only referees.

Kane Chigwidden -  Class 3 Billiards. Was successful along with Brendon in passing the exam for

Billiards on 17/9/2017

David Chigwidden - Class 3 Billiards. David joins son Kane on the official list of Billiards accredited referees in the

2nd week of November 2017.

Anuj Rathee - Class 3.

Anuj is now accredited and part of a new intake of referees from a very good group of 4 in April of 2018. He was

recommended by Charlie Chafe who is a colleague at the Red Triangle. Anuj has proved himself to be an

enthusiast and very worthy of the referral from Charlie and is an ambassador from the true home of Snooker, India.