Only the striker may concede and only in a situation which requires the gaining of penalty points.

Now it must be said at the outset that the rulebook does use the words ‘when snookers are needed’.

If the game is at a stage when all reds have been cleared from the table and one player is 28 points in arrears then it would be understood that one snooker is required. However, if one snooker were successfully laid and the opponent were to manage an escape then another one would also be required.

Hello! that’s two snookers.

This scenario can be expanded ad infinitum, it doesn’t matter how many snookers are laid, if they all end up with the opponent escaping and not conceding any penalty points then another one is still needed.

What if the player in arears had managed to manoeuvre the balls into such a position where straight line contact is available and a ball not on was at the extreme edge of a pocket with the ball on immediately in front of it so that any connection would propel that ball not on over the edge.

Hello! no snookers required.

Common sense should now tell us that it is not snookers that are required but penalty points and it doesn’t matter how they are gained.

Any player conceding when in a position where winning the frame with the balls left on the table is still possible then that player is in breach of the ungentlemanly conduct or misconduct rule. The natural course of events in that situation is to give a warning that the frame will be forfeit or to award the frame to the opponent.

We then find ourselves in the ridiculous and comedic position of taking the frame from a player who has just conceded it.

So the alternative is to award the next frame if the match has not yet been decided and if it is the last frame of the contest, then a warning must be given that the tournament director and/or the director of referees will be advised, which could then result in sanctions in regards to any future tournament in which the player concerned enters. The T.D. and/or the D.O.R. must of course receive a report.

The other question then raised is what to write on the scoresheet. If aggregate points are needed to win the match, then any frame awarded will be counted as 147 – 0 and any frame still in progress will have the remaining points awarded to the non-offender, with each remaining red counting as 8 points.

It must also be said that if the striker were to destroy the lay of the table as an indication that the frame is conceded, they must also be admonished for ungentlemanly conduct as the non-striker is under no obligation to accept the concession and is free to continue with another turn at the table. The player who exercises this right can play on until fouling or failing to score, whereupon the frame is at an end with no obligation on the part of the player who conceded to concede twice.

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