When responding to a call to attend any tournament there are a few things to remember before and during the day prior to donning your white gloves.

The table must be brushed clean of residual chalk and dust and the nap of the cloth must be laid as flat as possible to aid the true running of the balls. To brush the table, ensure that each stroke of the brush is in the direction of the nap, that is to say towards the top cushion and starting from the Baulk, with each stroke as straight as possible and not in an arc. The nap of the side cushions also runs in the same direction while the Baulk and top cushions have the nap running from right to left as you face them. Be sure to also remove any dirt and dust from the junction of the cushions and the bed of the table. This is a duty of all referees at the conclusion of any match just refereed and also if the venue has not organised for the tables to be match ready at the start of any day.

Before the day starts the tables should also be ironed. This is not possible between matches on the same table on the same day and here a pad is to be used running it the length of the table from baulk to top on one continuous sweep as many times as is necessary to cover the full width of the table and overlapping each sweep with the next.

The balls also need to be clean and free from any chips and it is as well to examine them prior to the match starting to determine if any need changing or cleaning.

The scoreboard also needs to be primed for the match with the scores set to zero and the player’s names attached with blu tak as well as the frame numbers showing zero for each player. It is as well to check that the ones provided reach the required number. If the match is the best of 7 frames, then two sets of numbers from 0 – 3 will be needed, if the best of 9 then two sets from 0 – 5 are necessary.

Once your match has been allocated and if it is the first of the day try to do a coin toss as soon as the players are in attendance, that way the match can start immediately any announcements have been made.

Finally attend to the scoresheet. Mark which player is to break in each frame with a x in the box provided, clearly print your name under 'referee', mark which round is being contested and on which table, record the time the match gets under way and record the finishing time once the match is completed. The scores under each frame should show the game points accrued by each player in that frame and the box under 'Total' must show how many frames each player has won.

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