All The Rules

The rules of Snooker, Billiards, 6 Red Snooker and OneforSeven Snooker are now to be found on this site under 'About Refereeing'.

They are all up to date and will be further updated as and when, or if, any new instructions are received from the WPBSA. The Snooker rules are current as of the November 2014 amendments, the Billiards were also given a seal of approval on that date. The OneforSeven rules were formulated in 2010 and have not changed since then and the Six Red rules were introduced in December 2013.

There is also a revised copy of the A.B.S.C. Code of Ethics at the end of the rules page. I have taken the liberty of updating the document and also adding a couple of things as well as getting rid of obsolete instructions and changing the clauses about smoking to bring them into line with modern practices. Please be advised that this document has not yet been ratified by the A.B.S.C. and until that happens it really carries no weight, I am however, confident that some, if not all, the changes I have suggested will be incorporated soon.

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