With the demise of Kings Entertainment Centre along with the closure and premises sale of Princes, each venue with an excess of 20 Billiard tables, not to mention other sized tables, with a collective total well over three figures, the main cue sports venues now in Melbourne are the R.A.C.V. Club on Bourke St. in the city, the Reventon Academy in Yarraville and Star Entertainment in Dandenong, all with 8 tables and the Brunswick Club on Sydney Rd with 6. The other venues with more than two Billiards tables are the Bentleigh Club on Yawla St. in Bentleigh, the Cheltenham Club and the North Brighton Club, all with 4 tables.

There are also full sized tables to be found at AK8, Dandenong RSL, The Dandenong Club, Frankston RSL and Cue8Bar.

All are located within easy travelling distance from the CBD, or in it in the case of the R.A.C.V. but travelling from a venue or residence on one side of the city to a venue on the opposite side can sometimes be difficult, especially at peak traffic times and can also be at not inconsiderable distances.

There is also one more venue, although situated just across the border from Victoria and in N.S.W. it is rather closer to Melbourne than Sidney, this is the Commercial Club in Albury. It has 10 tables and hosts the Fred Osbourne Tournament, one of the most prestigious events on the calendar, at the beginning of August each year, with predominantly Victorian referees in attendance.

The traditional homes of the major Victorian held events are, the R.A.C.V. for the Australian Nationals in August. The Brunswick Club for the Australian U/21 Championships, the first Victorian event on the calendar usually, also the bi annual Andrews/Atkins Shield played between Victoria and Tasmania with the event being held by each state year about.

It was the Yarraville Club which was the home of the Lance Pannell tournament, now defunct and replaced by the Reventon Pacific International and held at the Reventon Academy where all the tables are now situated and in conjunction with the Yarraville Club. The Reventon Academy is now also the home of the Reventon Classic. This event replaces the City of Melbourne tournament but with almost exactly the same format. The Academy also replaces the R.A.C.V. as the home of the final stages of the competition.

The State Championships, both for the men and the women are shared between the Brunswick Club and The Reventon Academy. The Academy will also now be home to the Pacific International Billiards, the one-day Billiards events and the Reventon Masters, the final event of the year.

It would be advantageous for all Victorian referees to familiarise themselves with the location of these venues and whether or not parking is available and if not where the nearest parking facility is and/or whether or not street parking is possible and what restrictions are in place.

All other clubs and venues including the venues outlined above, are home to various teams playing the Pennant competitions for both Billiards and Snooker under the auspices of the V.B.S.A. on Monday and Wednesday evenings throughout the year, with the grand finals of those competitions also held at the Academy or Brunswick.

A full list of all participating clubs with their addresses can be found on the V.B.S.A. website under ‘VBSA’, subheading ‘Victorian Clubs’.

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