High Breaks

One of the greatest pleasures in the career of any referee is to be in charge of a match when high breaks are made and it is the source of some competitiveness between us to hold the honour of adjudicating the highest. Whilst there has not yet been a maximum scored in a ranking event in Victoria to my knowledge and certainly since I have been keeping records, there have still been some very high scoring breaks made in sanctioned matches.

The highest break in recent years in Victoria belongs to West Australian Peter McCullagh who holds the high ground with a magnificent 143 (refereed by Jim Lewis) made at the 2016 Nationals held at Melbourne’s R.A.C.V. Club in August of that year. Johl Younger is in second place with his 134 break made in the first frame of the 2018 Victorian State Titles Grand Final overseen by Neil Allison.

Aaron Mahoney is now out on his own on the most breaks leader board with 6, closely followed by Johl on 5, with the Mifsud brothers and the W.A. boys Peter McCullagh and Matthew Bolton all on 4.

Century breaks added in 2018 are shown below along with the breaks made in earlier years, with perhaps the most notable being the one on the main graph showing the 110 made by Reanne Evans in the Australian Women's Open and On Yee Ng's 108 included below, made in the same event and both refereed by Kim Ivett.

Neil Brown continues as the leader of high breaks refereed having officiated 8 times when they were made, with Kim coming up on the rails ably assisted by those notable breaks mentioned above.

These records are taken from statistics at the end of 2018 and will be updated at yearly intervals.

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