Referees Rules

In revisiting blog 14, ‘Conditions’, there is a condition to a league competition that the Maccabi Club plays where two frames are played on each competition night for a maximum of 3 league points. This is made up by gaining a point for each frame won, plus another for having the highest aggregate score.

Now it is obvious that if both frames are won by one player then the aggregate score would also be in that player’s favour for a 3 – 0 league victory and that it would only make a difference if one frame were won by each player. The outcome would then either be a win by 2 league points to 1, or a loss by the same score.

Keeping that in mind and now considering the rules 11 c) & d) in section 3, which state that if a foul is undetected it is condoned and that any colour not correctly spotted will remain where positioned and that a question once posed about these rules was. “What should be the decision if, at the start of a frame, the referee had mistakenly left both pink and black balls hard up to the top cushion and that more than one stroke had subsequently been played before realisation”?

The obvious answer is that they will remain where they are positioned.

Now going back to the competition described in the first paragraph and imagining if the situation described with the pink and black had happened in the second of the two frames played. Wouldn’t that severely handicap the loser of the first frame in being able to score high enough in the second to overcome the points deficit and so gain the extra league point and would therefore be unfair?

I would suggest that most people would agree that it was.

This then brings us to Section 5 Rule 1 a) ii which states that the referee is free to make a decision in the interests of fair play that is otherwise inadequately covered.

The scenario posited here is a perfect example of this and the referee would be compliant with Section 5 Rule 1 a) in ignoring rules 11 c) & d) in Section 3 to ensure a level playing field for both protagonists.

I would also suggest that under the playing conditions of this competition that if it were to happen in the first frame it would still have the potential to be unfair and that the referee would be correct to act in the first as much as in the second.

My personal decision in such a situation would not be to spot the pink and black in order to continue the frame but to re-rack the balls and start the frame over.

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