2018 Referee Statistics

In accordance with previous years the specific statistics for each referee has been sent to them individually. The statistics shown here are of a general nature and mirror the ones posted last year except for any updates which are explained.

This first one is as last year except that the column for roving referee details have been omitted as they are included in the individual ones sent.

The above chart shows the record breaks for each referee in both Snooker and Billiards with the changes from 2017 being, Neil Allison from 91 to 134. John Ivett from 110 to 123. Kim Ivett's Billiard break corrected to 621. Abraham Newman from 79 to 124. The inclusion of Anuj with his 84 and the addition of the Billiard break of 149 overseen by Jon Moss.

This last one is a new chart included this year showing the highest refereed break and the highest refereed frame for each referee in 2018 with the biggest in each category highlighted as black numbers on a white background instead of white on black.

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