Ball Marker

A new design of ball marker has recently been purchased from a company in the U.K. called ‘The Racker’ for distribution Australia wide.

This ball marker is white but is also available in a variety of other colours, is custom made for the ABSC and has the logo of our organisation inserted centrally.

It has dimensions that are extremely accurate in duplicating those of a ball and come to within 0.01 mm. This in contrast with the blue ball marker we are used to which has dimensions of approximately 52.90 x 26.50 instead of what should be 52.5 x 26.25, and an older blue version which has dimensions similar to the newer blue one, both of which are therefore slightly inaccurate and could cause a call to be wrong if using either of them to determine Free Balls or whether or not a ball will spot.

The new white one also has a baulk line detector as with the newer blue one and also has the words HEADS & TAILS inverted to each other on one long edge and an H and a T also inverted to each other on either side of the ball indent on the other edge. This, if preferred can eliminate the necessity of carrying a coin which certainly annoys me by jangling next to the marker in my jacket pocket. Of course a coin can still be used if that is your personal preference but the option not to is now available with this design.

I believe it would be prudent to advise both players if using it in this way and to also show them the design before inviting a call.

On the one I have kept I have highlighted the ‘Heads’ and the ‘H’ with a red marker and the ‘Tails’ and the ‘T’ with a black one.

This marker by having the accurate dimensions to determine those fine judgements that are sometimes necessary, is thereby not the best implement to use when lifting a ball in play for cleaning or any other purpose, although it can still be used in this way. It is my recommendation to use a marker which is better suited to this purpose if one is in your possession. There are many designs on the market, with the main two being the large Perspex marker or the round aluminium one supplied by Paul Cosgriff some years ago. My personal preference is for the Perspex one which I carry along with the smaller one, one in each of the side pockets of my jacket.

The company ‘The Racker’ which is our supplier, has a wide variety of related goods and Joshua the person I dealt with, is extremely accommodating and friendly. Prices are also competitive.

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