Class 2

The enthusiasm shown by Jon Moss early in his career when he asked how long he would have to wait after becoming accredited before he would be eligible to be upgraded to Class 2, has ever since been in evidence

Jon _ Albury

He has, at every opportunity, made himself available to officiate at tournaments and for Pennant finals whenever work commitments and the requirements of his Pennant team to compete in finals, has allowed.

His desire to learn and gain experience and so improve is somewhat of a role model for other aspiring referees and his willingness to discuss rules and refereeing situations in an effort to ‘get things right’ is commendable. Jon is also a man of his own convictions and with his own style and this does not detract in any way from his performances but conversely enhances them and it is the opinion of his examiners that he will achieve his highest goals eventually.

His eligibility to be upgraded came into effect last year and his practical assessment to begin the process was undertaken at the Australian National Championships during one of the early rounds at the R.A.C.V. and also as he officiated in the Grand Final.

His examination took place less than a month later which he successfully negotiated despite his own description of it being ‘gruelling’.

Jon, therefore now joins the ranks of Victorian and Australian senior referees and with continuing desire to improve will only enhance his reputation and that group.

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