New Talent

In addressing the refereeing needs of the Victorian tournaments and Pennant competitions it is often the case that finding sufficient referees for each event has proven to be a little less than easy. That is not to say that the eventual outcome has not been satisfactory for any of those events, barring Pennant season 1 of 2019 where so many of the qualified referees were playing members of teams that had reached the grand finals.

It is therefore with great pleasure and some anticipation that a welcome is extended to Dr. Shelly Ames, Ms Alexa Wong and Mr. Bryan Hickey who, as of 6/10/19, join the Victorian Refereeing family.

Shelly is the current Vice President of the VBSA and she and Bryan have extensive Pennant experience, while Alexa acts as the referee on many occasions in accompanying her partner as his team travel and play in and around Melbourne. All have demonstrated a full understanding of the rules and the requirements of a professional referee and the possibility of new faces at the tournaments at the end of the year and beyond is real and exciting.

These three new referees form part of a group that included five other students and it is anticipated that those others will also achieve accreditation in the very near future.

A very big thank you is owed to both Shelly and Jon Loughron, along with the Cheltenham club, for their hospitality and full use of their venue to wholly host and complete this refereeing course held on four consecutive Sundays. So too to Jon again and to Jon Moss for their input and also in agreeing to perform the demonstrations in the frame played to complete the practical seminar and for the superb job they did in managing to complete all the pre-set and conspired tasks.

So it is that the health of Victorian Refereeing is injected with new blood and as the attrition of older members and some that lose interest diminishes our efficiency, it is once again renewed, with talent, with youth and with confidence

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