Training Session Information

Training sessions will be held over four separate sessions spaced at one week apart for Snooker and two sessions held one week apart for Billiards.


These sessions will be held as and when required and accomodating candidates needs as much as possible

The venue will be the Reventon Academy 175D Stephen St. Yarraville.


The process will involve candidates acquiring a set of rules and familiarising themselves with all the rules in each section of the book prior to the first session.


That first session for Snooker will involve a full oral revision of the rules up to and including Section 3 Rule 13.


The second session will cover Section 3 Rule 14 (Foul and a Miss) plus the remaining rules in Section 3 and also Sections 4 & 5.


The third session will be a practical one around a table.


The fourth session will be an oral examination.


For Billiards the first session will involve a full oral revision of the rules.


The second session will include refereeing practices and an oral examination.